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How to Clean Sophie the Giraffe

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Parents are often concerned with how to clean Sophie the Giraffe.

Regular cleaning of your infants toys, particularly any teething toys, is important to help prevent spread of germs.

When it comes to cleaning the popular teething toy, it seems the best option is to wipe her down with a soapy cloth or an alcohol wipe. Advantages of an alcohol wipe is that it sterilizes the teether and dries quickly.

If you prefer, you can also clean Sophie with a cloth dampened with a solution made up of water and white vinegar, or water and bicarb soda. Both vinegar and bicarb soda are natural cleaning agents.

It is best to avoid completely submerging Sophie in water, putting her in the dishwasher or in a sterilizer. Water will get inside the latex teething toy through the hole in place for her squeaker,  often stopping the squeaker from working and also presenting a mold hazard if the water is not completely removed.

A regular and thorough wipe with a warm soapy cloth is all that is needed or solution as described above is all that is needed to keep the teether clean.

The video below demonstrates how to clean Sophie the Giraffe.